Available on Playstation 2, Nintendo Gamecube, and Xbox. North American exclusive release. Contains Mega Man 1-8 as well as "The Power Battle" and "The Power Fighters". 1-6 are based on the PS1 Rockman Complete Works editions.

These versions of the game are typically not standard for speedrunning in Mega Man 1-6; particularly for 3-6, using this collection to race is strongly discouraged. This is due to the fact that lag is not emulated properly in these versions (which makes a large difference in 3-6, and some in 1-2), and you can also L/R weapon switch, rather than using the pause menu.

Mega Man 1's Select pause glitch is significantly slower, as it opens the MMAC game menu. Many glitches are difficult or significantly slower to use in this version.

Mega Man 2 is set to Difficult/Rockman 2 mode. You cannot change this. MMAC "Easy" difficulty is very different from the US NES "Normal"

Mega Man 3 has a slide glitch exclusive to MMAC. If Mega Man is sliding as a boss dies, the slide speed is retained in general movement and Mega Man moves very fast. This can only be done on the Doc Robot stages.

Mega Man 7 has odd lag spikes from emulation issues, and a modified credits sequence. It also has (research needed) faster text scrolling.

Mega Man 8 has different loading times (mostly faster), and a slower pause menu.

Difficulty Selection:

This modifies the damage that Mega Man does to enemies (and damage they do to him?). Mega Man 2 cannot be changed to the original "Normal" mode of the US version--it will be on "Difficult" or a modified version of Difficult.

Navi Mode:

Don't use it.